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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Make money online

Losing time online for nothing? Stop it! You can make money online if you know where.
I will present some very good websites that are paying, and paying well. You'll find here instructions, tips and tricks too, so, sign up to the sites presented and read carefuly my site's content and you'll find some tips to make money.


Treasuretrooper - click to register (all is free)


Over 100 000 members. It's one of the best websites for making money on the net. You get paid for completing FREE offers, join other sites, etc. and you get paid very good 0.50 - 2 $ / offer, not like other sites that pay you 1/4 cent to read 1 mail. See some payment proofs HERE!


Click the banner or here then Register by providing your name, email address, password, and payment information. You will receive a confirmation email shortly after. *provide your real info to get the check, *you must be 13 years of age or older

Completing offers

After you registered, go to "Cash Offers" then click an offer to complete it. After you finished, click "Done"(in TT), the button next to it to indicate its completion. The offer will then be added to your 'My Pending Offers' page to await verification.

Few offers will approve automatically in less than 2 hours, but the majority must be approved manual by Treasuretrooper. In 1-3 days they will be approved. If about 4-5 days they are not then go to Pending Offers and redo some of them.

As offers are verified, they are removed from the 'My Pending Offers' page, and the money will be added to your 'My Treasure' page. Along with the money, you will receive gold coins which you can redeem at the trading hut for cool treasures, maps, and more.

When do you get paid?
On the 15th-20th of each month, you will get the payment if you have earned a minimum of 20 dollars by the last day of the previous month. You will receive a check.*if you have not earned a minimum of 20 dollars by the last day of the month, don't worry! The money will remain in your account until you'll get 20$, and then the next month you'll get paid ;)

Tips & Tricks for Treasuretrooper ! A very interesting part, huh? ;)

How to increase approval rate?
-Alternate between email addresses: It is strongly recommended to have more email addresses for completing offers (also to avoid getting a lot of mails in your email address that you use for friends)-Don't do to many in one day. Complete 5-6 offers/day and it's fine.

The Meaning of "With Intent to Participate"
-Complete the offer until you reach that page where it says "the gift is reserved for", and is written your name, e-mail, address, "complete another offer to receive…". You do not have to complete them. Close the page, then click "Done" in TT.

I'll let you discover the awesome things in the trading hut :) register to Treasuretrooper... and make money !
(confirmation mail may go in the bulk/junk folder)
This website pays you to play FREE games! That's awesome :) You will make money and you'll have fun. You can win gifts/ money by participating in tombola/auctions/ticket scratching too! ... you win money to have fun... so register now! There are a lot of things to see.


I recommend completing FREE offers if you have a credit card you can complete FREE TRIAL offers too and earn more.
You can complete paid offers if you want, it's your choice, but that were my suggestions… and read carefully the tips provided.

Good luck :)